Air Compressor Troubleshooting Guide

I have created this troubleshooting guide, to help YOU with your air compressor problems. Let me guide you through troubleshooting compressor problems, step by step. Troubleshoot your compressor yourself in minutes!

  • Troubleshoot problems quickly
  • Save money on service calls
  • Less reliance on service companies
  • Less Production Downtime
  • Prevent problems


Why I created this guide

I saw time and time again how small easy-to-fix compressor problems escalate to thousands of dollars of repair costs and production downtime. Not everyone has access to reliable, quick, professional support from a compressor company. In some parts of the world, a good service technician is simply not available within a few hundred miles. I want to save you from this situation! Fact is, most problems were easy to fix – if you just know the basics of air compressor troubleshooting. That’s why I decided to write this troubleshooting guide!

What is covered in this guide?

  • How oil-injected rotary screw compressors work.
  • The air system, the oil system and the control system – explained in detail.
  • Specific troubleshooting advice for every part.
  • Specific troubleshooting advice for the most common problems: overheating, oil in air, water in air, compressor won’t start, oil out of inlet filter, low pressure, high pressure, compressor won’t load, compressor trips on overload.
  • A complete explanation of every part (what it does, where it is located, how it works).
  • Troubleshooting flowcharts for all common problems.

This book contains 146 pages of to-the-point and easy to understand information about troubleshooting oil-injected rotary-screw air compressors. See other tab for complete content overview by chapter.

For Who?

Are you a plant manager? Maintenance technician? In control of / responsible for the air compressors in your plant? My Air Compressor Troubleshooting Guide is here to help you.

This book is ideal for anybody that works with oil-injected rotary screw air compressors:

  • Maintenance personnel
  • Maintenance managers
  • Compressor technicians
  • Service companies

It’s ideal to quickly troubleshoot compressor problems – with the included troubleshooting flowcharts.

But many compressor service companies also use it to train their compressor technicians – because the whole oil-injected rotary screw compressor is explained in detail.

What You Will Get

  • This is a 146 page information-packed troubleshooting guide for oil-injected rotary screw air compressors.
  • My guide will show you how to troubleshoot the most common air compressor problems.
  • The complete workings of the whole air compressor is explained. The oil system, the air system, the control system, and all the parts are explained in depth, with pictures and diagrams.
  • But if you don’t care about that, and just want to fix your compressor ASAP, that’s possible too! Just follow the troubleshooting flowcharts.

This book is 100% digital (PDF) – you will receive download instructions immediately after your order .

Detailed Content

Here’s an overview of the content per chapter

Basic Compressor Knowledge

  • Introduction
  • The oil-injected rotary screw compressor
  • The air system
  • The oil system
  • The control system

Problem troubleshooting

These main problems are covered in depth. For every problem listed, there is an explanation, most common causes and a troubleshooting flowchart.

  • Compressor won’t start
  • High compressor temperature
  • Low pressure at point of use
  • Low pressure in the compressor room
  • Oil in the compressed air
  • Oil comes out of inlet valve
  • Water in the compressed air
  • Compressor won’t load
  • Compressor trips on overload/over-current

Compressor Parts

With this guide you will be able to troubleshoot many more problems – because every single part is explained in detail – a description of its function, the location, explanation how it works, how to check for correct operation, a troubleshooting flowchart and replace/repair instructions.

  • Inlet valve (unloading valve)
  • Compressor element (air-end)
  • Oil stop valve
  • Check valve
  • Oil separator vessel
  • Oil separator
  • Scavenge line & pipe
  • Minimum pressure valve
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Oil filter
  • Oil cooler
  • After cooler
  • Condensate trap
  • Electric motor and coupling
  • Loading solenoid
  • Unloading / blow-off solenoid
  • Cooling fan & motor
  • Safety valve
  • Pressure sensor / switch
  • Temperature sensor / switch
  • Overload relay (thermal block)


Look Inside

Overview of some pages – as you see, there are many images, diagrams and troubleshooting flowcharts to help you troubleshoot problems quickly.

Example of some pages (photo’s are of the hardcopy version – temporarily not available)

Testimonials / reviews

I downloaded it and it’s awesome. I have to maintain 103nos of air compressors which includes 73nos of screw compressors (atlascopco, compair & boge brands) in our hospital medical gas systems. So I think this guideline will help me to find and rectify problems easily. Thanks again for this.


I just bought you book (Hard copy and download) on rotary compressors. It is fantastic!!! I did a fast cursory read of the download, and it was great. This is the way all Tech book should be written. It is straight forward, no nonsense with great insight. I have been doing industrial millwright work for over 45 years. Great Job – I signed up for your upcoming work.

Stan Hart
S&C Electric Sacramento, CA, USA

I am very happy with your manual. It’s great for troubleshooting any type of machine. Your manual helped me figure out what was wrong with a machine that others had given up on.


Just received your book and it is fantastic. I operate 25 diesel powered compressors in twenty countries ranging from 375 to 1100 CFM. Thanks for writing it!

Gary Evans
Living Water International​

I purchased a copy of your air compressor trouble shooting book. It is excellent. You have put a lot of home work into this whole program and it is of great benefit. Many thanks

Jim Bulloch
Pneutech Australia

I am the owner of a compressor company as well and I want to COMPLIMENT YOU ON YOUR PUBLICATIONS. It helped me out on many occasions as I can not always be with my NEW YOUNG Technicians all the time and hold their hands and when they have to “FLY SOLO” . Now they have the freedom of using your Guide as learning course and making mistakes and FIXING by yourself is the only way to build confidence and gain knowledge and it also ensures NO COME BACKS due to inexperienced technicians as they have the tools to do the JOB.

Air Soluutions

Thank you for the in depth analysis of our issue and the easy to follow step. You have a great talent for explaining in easy to follow language…thanks

United Kingdom