Portable Diesel Air Compressors

The missing manual for compressor operators, on-site maintenance technicians, compressor technicians and service companies

  • Operations
  • How-it-works
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Buying and options


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A practical guide to Portable Diesel Air Compressors

This book contains all you need to know about diesel compressors – operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, buying and options, everything. It is a must-have for anybody that works with these machines.

I have received so many requests for this book over the past few years, and it is finally here!

This is what I call the ‘missing manual’ for diesel-driven air compressors.

What is covered in this book?

  • How portable diesel compressors work
  • Intro to oil-injected rotary screw compressors
  • Capacity control methods of portable diesel screw compressors
  • Explanation of the compressor oil and air systems
  • Explanation of the compressor control and safety system
  • Diesel engine basics
  • Explanation of the diesel engine intake and exhaust air system, fuel system, cooling system and oil system
  • Explanation of diesel engine speed control systems
  • Planning for compressor deployment
  • Hot weather operations
  • High altitude operation
  • Operations: setting up, pre-start checklists, daily operations, shutting down
  • Maintenance of diesel engine and compressor
  • Maintenance checks and test-running
  • General troubleshooting advice for portable diesel compressors
  • Troubleshooting advice for specific problems
  • Overview and identification of sensors and safety switches
  • Buying: choosing the right pressure and capacity
  • Options and extras explained

This book contains 180 pages of to-the-point and easy to understand information about portable diesel air compressors. See other tab for a full content overview by chapter.

For Who?

If you work with portable diesel air compressors, in any way, this book is for you.

  • Compressor operators
  • On-site maintenance technicians
  • Compressor technicians
  • Compressor service companies
  • Planners and buyers

Diesel compressors are used at all sorts of locations – construction sites, mining sites, oil-and gas fields, and many more place. These machines are often used in remote places, so if something is wrong with the machine – you are responsible to fix it. But you need to get your job done – not spend time fixing this machine.

If you work with, maintain, or repair diesel compressors, this book is for you!

It contains everything you need to know – how they work, what each part does, troubleshooting help – everything.

What You Will Get

The book has 180 pages and more than 160 images and diagrams – everything you need to know about portable diesel compressors is explained in detail.

You will get a direct download digital version of the book (PDF).

You will also have lifetime access to updates. When a new version of the book becomes available, you can download it from the members area.

Plus, you get access to me. You can ask me questions – about the book, or about your specific machine or problems that you might have.

Detailed Content

Rotary Screw Compressor

  • The screw element
  • Oil-free vs oil-injected screw compressors
  • Compression ratio
  • High pressure two-stage machines
  • High capacity twin-screw machines
  • Stationary vs portable diesel compressors
  • Controlling outlet pressure
  • Controlling compressor capacity

How portable diesel screw compressors work

  • The air system – inlet air filters, inlet valve, screw element, check valve, oil-separator, minimum pressure valve
  • The oil system – screw element, oil separator tank, oil separator filter, scavenge line and pipe, thermostatic valve, oil cooler, oil filters, oil stop valve
  •  Compressor control systems – electrical start, stop and safety systems
  • Compressor control systems – pneumatic control system


  • General troubleshooting advice
  • Troubleshooting engine startup and shutdown problems
  • Specific troubleshooting advice (overheating of compressor, overheating of diesel engine, low pressure, safety valve blows, oil in compressed air, oil out of inlet filter, water in compressed air)
  • Sensors and safety devices on portable diesel compressors

Diesel engines

  • Diesel basics
  • Cooling system
  • Engine oil system
  • Air system (inlet and exhaust)
  • Fuel system
  • Engine control system – electronic and mechanical speed control and fuel injection systems.


  • Standard maintenance intervals
  • Maintenance procedures and information
  • Compressor oil
  • Engine oil
  • Engine and compressor inlet filters
  • Compressor and engine oil filters
  • Oil separator element
  • Coolers
  • Fuel filters
  • Engine valve clearance
  • Checks to perform after maintenance (test-run)

Buying and options

  • Compressor size: pressure vs capacity
  • Pressure and capacity
  • What pressure and capacity do you need?
  • Problems when buying the wrong compressor (too high/low pressure, too high/low capacity, etc)
  • Options and extras (aftercoolers, condensate traps, re-heaters, air dryers, spark arrestors, intake air shutoff valves, tool lubricators, external fuel tanks, towbar types, air outlets, built-in generators, cold start / cold climate options)


  • Setting up on a new site
  • Before starting the compressor
  • Starting the diesel engine
  • Starting compression (loading)
  • Normal operation
  • Stopping the compressor
  • Adjusting pressure
  • Opening and closing valves
  • Connecting and disconnecting hoses


  • Hot weather operation
  • Cold weather operation
  • Ambient air quality: dust, chemicals, flammable gases
  • High altitude operation
  • Location and access

Look Inside

Here’s a screenshot of some pages of the book – as you see there are many images and diagrams that help to explain everything in easily.