Compressed Air Basics [FREE]

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14 thoughts on “Compressed Air Basics [FREE]”


    Hi Cas,

    Thank you for sharing, its very interesting.
    Hope by the time I completed the course the information will be of great help for me and the company as well.
    Once again thank you sir.


    Thank you very much Sir Cas, I’ m from Myanmar, we are very difficult to find and learn this lesson but I will try the best from you, this is free lesson from you, but I will always keep in my heart and try the best forever.
    May God Bless You,,


    I was wanting to look at the course pressure drop. I’ve already completed the course but was wanting to go back and check some things out, but it won’t let me go back. Thanks.


    Hi Cas,

    i clip on he subject 1 and it did not open, but said I must enrol for the course to access course content..
    i already enrol, wonder what happen..


    Right now am working on getting the complete course but I have appreciate you so much for the free course it really help me well

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