Industrial Compressed Air Systems

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    Dear CAS
    thanks for study material of compressed air.
    it is very useful to teach my maintenance team and build their confidence.
    It is nicely given a simple layman can under stand.
    This is only possible for a man who knows subject very well.
    Not only knowing. but passing it to the world at free of cost.
    In our hindu culture it is known as VIDYA DAN…….Giving knowledge without expecting in return.
    Great job
    pralhad H.


    MR CAS

    We are using ALTAS COPCO screw compressor of GA45 10.
    Which is a part of OXYGEN REGENERATOR we are using PURE OXYGEN for OXIDATION process of K2MNO4.
    We need to reduce manufacturing cost by using pure oxygen.
    hence AIR COMPRESSOR is playing an importance role in our process.
    I shall post my doubts and some questions in coming week about the operation of compressor.
    i need your special help in this regard.

    pralhad H.


    Cas, our compressor is always tripped out by high discharge temperature. the area I work is very cold in winter. but usually the trip out happens in summer most of time. this is reason I red through your course and find out the reason.

  4. Dear CAS
    You start your compressor lesson form compressed air basic thank you . but sometimes you should consider that may i am senor but not perfect like you.
    Currently i am working on senior compressed air specialist but i am new for Service that will challenge me through out my professional unless i read more and follow website like yours.
    Previously you send me screw compressor service Manual.
    It is my pleasure to have also Diesel application mobile compressor Service training.


    Dear CAS,

    As I tried to access the contents, I get message that I shall enrol first. This is quite strange because the message at the end of page says, I am already enrolled. Pl clarify?


    Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for enrolling me to the Air compressor guide course.
    v k arora

  7. Dear Sir,
    Compressed air basic and air quality chapters are very informative.I liked your method of explanation. waiting for new chapter.

  8. Tshepo phahlamohlaka

    Dear CAS

    i just can’t wait to get more lessons , the intro was amazing . Keep on sharing the knowledge for future purposes.

  9. Dear Cas ,
    I am sorry and apologise for my mistake . I would like to know capacity control of screw compressor in refrigeration system .

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